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Author of "Most of My Angels Don't Have Wings"


Psychic - Healer - Spiritual Teacher – Medium – Corporate Consultant


             Serving Professionally for 45 Years



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Psychic Healer - Author - Spiritual Teacher - Medium - Corp. Consultant

Psychic since birth

, and internationally recognized as a seasoned 45 year professional intuitive/healer, Jack constantly constructs new concepts for his work as a medium, healer, lecturer, teacher, corporate consultant, and doing police investigative work.

Author of Most Of My Angels Don't Have Wings

Natural Intuitive Psychic-Intuitive Spiritual Healer Spiritual Healer Spiritual Healer Certified medium

Psychic - Healer - Spiritual Teacher – Medium Reiki Master/Teacher Ro-Hun Therapist Master Ro-Hun Therapist

MediumAdvanced Theta Practitioner  Life Force Healer Life Force Healer

Psychic Public Speaker medium Seminar Developer & Facilitator

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