A simple Down-To-Earth approach to Spiritual Energy and Metaphysical Matters®
Internationally Recognized
Author of "Most of My Angels Don't Have Wings" and Co-author of "Love Energy"

What sets Jack apart?

Psychic Thousands of satisfied clients in North America and Europe who have enriched their lives using Jack's techniques and his intuitive skills

Psychic A simple down-to-earth approach to Spiritual Energy and Metaphysical Matters

Psychic A unique system of symbols, which were channeled to Jack for reading and diagnosing energy

Psychic Jack's ability to identify and discuss core issues which are distracting you from your purpose and joy.

Psychic A lifetime of intuitive experiences

Services offered:

Psychic Reading Private and Group Readings

Psychic Reading Private energy healing sessions

Psychic Reading Mediumship - Messages from Beyond - Talking with those who crossed over. Jack is available for both group or private sessions.

Psychic Reading Counsel for Corporate and Legal Community

Psychic Reading Classes available for both the novice and the professional in:

Meditation Techniques Meditation Techniques
Intuitive Development Intuitive Development
Energy Healing Energy Healing Techniques
Reiki Reiki