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Author of "Most of My Angels Don't Have Wings" and Co-author of "Love Energy"


“I have known Jack since 1992 when he gave me my first reading and his accuracy was uncanny. I have had regular telephone readings with him ever since and rarely make a crucial life changing decision without first checking the energy surrounding the person or situation with Jack. I always give him 2 or 3 people’s names to read every session and he is 100% on target with descriptions of personality, stresses they are facing and even ailments they may be having. He is remarkable with this technique of reading people’s energy since it always proves out true. Jack is incredibly gifted and I thank the Creator for allowing him to share his gifts with me throughout the years and for his friendship and support.”

Risk Manager, New York City

What a distinct pleasure to be able to take part in Jack’s workshop in Bigfork, Montana! Over the past decades I have attended dozens of personal growth workshops and seminars for spiritual seekers. Jack is not only a gifted clairvoyant; he is also an extraordinary group facilitator. His gentle spirit and innate wisdom encourages each participant to go within and find their own answers. He led us on an inner journey using inspired techniques, and to this day I still use what I learned from him to bring greater balance and harmony to my daily life.

JD - Bigfork, MT

"I've had sessions with Jack now for almost 14 years. Even though we have never met face-to-face, I think he knows me better than I know myself. His gentle nature has helped me turn anger toward others into compassion. His extraordinary gift has led me through health problems. His light and laughter has lifted me when I was down and overwhelmed. My gratitude for his patience and guidance is endless."

Donna - Abilene, Texas

I have referred a number of my clients to Jack. Fortunately, they traveled the distance to see Jack (Atlanta to Florida). Each one was pleased with their session. His sincerity, knowledge, and spiritual sensitivity are just a few of Jack's wonderful qualities. I will continue to recommend Jack Moon.

Essy Freed - Licensed social work, Clinical Hypnotherapist – Atlanta GA

Hi Jack,
This is Bryttne Cenis, I had the pleasure of having a private session with you in Montana about a month ago. I am emailing you to say thank you. What you and I talked about has not left my mind and I truly feel as though I am growing spiritually. You are an Angel Jack: Thank you for opening your heart and soul to me...I wish the best for you...I hope to hear from you soon!


Jack Moon is an accomplished professional who has combined unique techniques to help facilitate rapid healing. He also is an incredible psychic. I trust him.

Helen Dahlhauser - M.A/,L.M.F.T.C.A.P.L.H.T. – Saint Petersburg, FL

I have been consulting with Jack Moon since 2007 and a business acquaintance of his since 2006. I will occasionally call Jack about someone I am thinking of having a relationship with or someone I am considering doing business with. He has always been completely accurate with the information he provides.

Heidi Sandorf - Clearwater, FL