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Shamanic Circle of Florida

Shamanic Circle Of Florida
"Most of My Angels Don't Have Wings"

"I felt 'hooked' - compelled to read on from the beginning. This book touched me deeply. I have read protions many times;each time I learned something new about myself and the world. You will want to keep this book by your bedside and read it over and over."

- Helen Descovich, Metaphysical Center of Vienna, Austria

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Shamanic Circle of Florida with Jack B. Moon

Hi, My name is Jack Bernard Moon!

Serving professionally since 1967. I am known for my simple Down-To-Earth approach to Spiritual Energy and Metaphysical Matters.

Hello to current members and welcome to new members. I am honored that you joined our group - Shamanic Circle of Florida. I trust you will find that this group is designed to support both the novice and professional as you strive for growth and healing in the different areas of your life

Everyone has healing and intuitive gifts; the trick is to get quiet enough to connect with those gifts, and to find ways to honor and support ourselves, those who we care about and love, our clients and our World.

In today’s world, events are occurring faster and faster. We are all striving for new ways to navigate this quickening pace; making it even more important for us to be able to deal with life’s ups and downs in a supportive and nurturing way. Expanding our healing and intuitive gifts may be part of the solution.

I am committed to share with you my ever evolving gifts, knowledge and techniques that have been developed through a lifetime of experiences. Working from the premise that if something complicates a process it most likely is not necessary, all of my teachings are reduced to the simplest form possible. And, expanding your gifts is not about learning, it is about remembering, remembering what you already know.

When you meet me you will quickly discover three things:  I am serious about my work, I love to laugh, and we will have fun growing together.

For more information about our group go to: http://www.meetup.com/Shamanic-Circle-of-Florida/